Carbon Filters

Water suppliers in the greater Ottawa region often add chemicals and other toxins, potentially over 2000 of them, to the residential water supply as part of their sanitation process! Upon drinking unfiltered tap water in your home, these toxins can negatively affect your waters taste, smell and appearance, and may cause serious health complications for you and your family. Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. cares about the quality of the water that that is in your Ottawa, Carleton Place, Perth, Cornwall, Russell, Kemptville or Renfrew area home. An integral part of our residential water treatment products, our residential carbon filters can eradicate impurities from your homes water, and provide you the convenience of fresh, clean, delicious drinking water, right from your tap!

Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.'s top-of-the-line residential carbon filters are installed and connected to your main water supply line, promoting the efficient flow of your homes water, and entrapping and removing pesticides, drug residues, chemicals and a number of other contaminants from your household water such as nitrates, fluoride and sulphates, to name a few. Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.'s residential carbon filters will also:

  • Lessen mineral buildup and corrosion which can shorten the lifespan of your home appliances, and cause them to run less effectively
  • Improve taste, odour and appearance by removing a variety of harmful toxins
  • Reduce disease; even supposedly clean residential water can contain giardia and cryptosporidium, two types of bacteria commonly associated with gastrointestinal disease!
  • Save you money; drinking residential carbon filtered water straight from your tap means that you'll no longer have to purchase expensive bottled water
  • Save the environment;by reducing plastic bottle waste in landfills
  • Eliminate chlorine; chlorine and its by-products are linked to rectal, colon and bladder cancers
  • Provide convenience; our residential carbon filters provide a steady stream of clean, fresh water directly from your tap for drinking, cooking, making coffee or tea, etc.
  • Improve health; clean, carbon filtered water prevents harmful chemicals from entering your body (especially important for those with vulnerable immune systems)

The licensed technicians at Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. will work with you to choose from our selection of residential carbon filters one that best fits your Ottawa area family's home. We offer only superior quality residential carbon filters that are fully guaranteed, and effectively meet residential water treatment industry standards. We will install your residential carbon filter on time, and within budget, and will answer any questions you may have about your homes water quality. Contact our certified technicians today to discuss the benefits of a Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. residential carbon filter, or other style of residential water treatment system, in your Ottawa, Carleton Place, Perth, Cornwall, Russell, Kemptville or Renfrew home!

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