Commercial Water Softeners

To eliminate your Ottawa region commercial hard water problems, turn to Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. for our durable and efficient commercial water softeners. Get rid of harmful impurities like calcium, ferrous iron and magnesium, and ensure that your commercial process operates smoothly. Like our other commercial water treatment products, our commercial water softeners will eradicate water scale deposits that develop in your process equipment, iron bacteria that settles on the walls of your pipes, and other harsh impurities that could negatively affect your commercial application.

Our commercial water softeners can be used across a wide range of commercial businesses, including but not limited to:

  • Wineries
  • Hydroponics produce growers
  • Breweries
  • Seafood manufacturers
  • Dairy producers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • And more!

For over 21 years Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. has been supplying commercial water softeners, and a variety of other commercial water treatment products, to companies throughout Ottawa, Carleton Place, Perth, Cornwall, Russell, Kemptville and Renfrew, Ontario. As a commercial water treatment industry leader, we strive to provide the topmost quality in commercial water softener design, pricing, installation and service, and to maintain our reputation as a dynamic force through our strong customer and vendor relations. These are but a few of the reasons why commercial business owners in the greater Ottawa region rely on our skilled and licensed commercial water softener technicians! All of our commercial water softeners are 100% guaranteed, and if ever required we swiftly provide commercial water softener troubleshooting and repair services.

If you're uncertain of the quality of your Ottawa area commercial water supply, then take advantage of Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.'s commercial water analysis service. We will measure your commercial water supplies hardness, and determine exactly which contaminants reside within it. We will then assist you in choosing from a large selection of commercial water softeners to assist you with your commercial water treatment needs, and we will install it using timely, cost-effective non-intrusive methods. Please contact our skilled commercial water treatment technicians for a complimentary on-site assessment and quote, and to learn more about our commercial water softeners and other commercial water treatment systems.

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