Iron & Sulphur Filters

Does the water supplied to your Ottawa, Carleton Place, Perth, Cornwall, Russell, Kemptville or Renfrew commercial business smell foul? Do you notice reddish-brown staining on your commercial process pipes or equipment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then most likely your commercial water supply contains sulphur (hydrogen sulphide gas) and/or iron. Iron and sulphur are the most common commercial water quality issues that business owners face. Both iron and sulphur can cause a number of disruptive problems:

  • Iron bacteria forms as slimy deposits; they clog commercial water heaters, pipelines, water softeners and water pressure tanks, and reduce the flow and pressure of commercial water supplies.
  • Iron deposits are highly resistant to expensive and corrosive conventional alkaline builders, chlorine bleaches and detergents, and cause permanent rust coloured staining.
  • Sulphur buildup causes commercial water to emit a “rotten egg” like odour that can infiltrate your commercial environment, making it difficult for you and your customers to do business in.

The presence of iron and sulphur in your Ottawa region commercial water supply can easily be eradicated with the use of one of Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc.'s commercial iron and sulphur filters. Our commercial iron and sulphur filters are easy to operate, simple to maintain and energy efficient. Compared to other commercial water treatment suppliers, our commercial iron and sulphur filters are less expensive and easier to install. Each of our commercial iron and sulphur filters are completely guaranteed, and we promptly provide commercial iron and sulphur filter repair and troubleshooting should you ever require.

As a commercial business owner in Ottawa or surrounding cities, if you're unsure as to whether or not you are experiencing an iron or sulphur issue, our adept commercial iron and sulphur filter technicians can assist you via our commercial water analysis service:

  • Testing: a sample of your commercial water will confirm whether or not any iron or sulphur exists in your facilities water supply, and we will determine the levels of iron and sulphur present.
  • Choosing: our friendly commercial water treatment staff will assist you in selecting from one of our many effective commercial iron and sulphur filters.
  • Installing: we will quickly install your new commercial iron and sulphur filter to act as an iron/sulphur guard for your commercial process, and to ensure cost savings and the successful operation of your commercial equipment.

Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. has over 21 years of experience in the commercial water treatment industry. Our expertise will ensure that your unsightly commercial iron and sulphur issues will be solved with the use of one of our durable, affordable and eco-friendly commercial iron and sulphur filters. Should you desire sulphur-free, iron-free, pure water for your greater Ottawa area based commercial application, then contact the professional technicians at Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. for a free in-business estimate. We will happily answer any question you may have pertaining to the commercial iron and sulphur filters, or other commercial water treatment equipment, that we install and service.

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