Well Extensions & Conversions

Does your Ottawa, Toronto, Carleton Place, Perth, Cornwall, Russell, Kemptville, Renfrew, Barrie or Kingston home or cottage well pump not meet current standards? Is your submersible pump, foot valve or educer not easily accessible? Does your residential well experience any of the following problems?

  • Cracked cement tiles
  • Improperly grouted construction joints in tiles, stones or bricks
  • Interior or exterior water line passages that are not sealed
  • Surface water, foreign materials or contaminants that pool in the bottom of the well pit
  • Poor well casing grouting
  • Poor air vent sealing

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider a well extension or conversion from Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. Our fully licensed water treatment professionals can easily assist you with upgrading your well. They will assess your residential well to determine whether or not it meets modern construction requirements, and if you are at risk of receiving contaminated water in your home or cottage. With the use of a hitch-on coupling device, we can safely and affordably upgrade your cottage or home’s well in a timely manner, without the need for welding. Our residential well technicians can also extend your well casing and transform your well into a perfectly sealed, highly secure residential well that meets the Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) current well construction guidelines. Our company provides all the necessary materials, equipment and personnel required for a successful residential well extension or conversion project. When your well extension or conversion is completed, your cottage or home’s water supply will meet or exceed current Ontario Water Resources Act standards. Please see below for a detailed explanation of our well extension and conversion services.

Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. is also capable of converting your residential well’s basement jet pump to a higher performing, more reliable submersible pump. To learn more about the many well extensions and conversions we have performed throughout Southern Ontario, and how we can assist you, please connect with us today!

Hitch-On Couplings

Hitch-on couplings
  • Manufactured from food grade EPDM rubber to create a water and air tight seal
  • Pre-installed for either single or double pit-less adapters
  • Available in sizes to fit standard 5 and 6-inch well casings
  • Blank coupling version available for situations where no pit connections are required

Well Extensions & Conversions

Well extensions and conversions
  1. Vermin-proof well cap onto casing (standard method of sealing drilled wells)
  2. Electrical conduits
  3. Affixing Ministry of the Environment well tag (required by MOE for altered or extended wells)
  4. Steel casing extension (cut to size 40cm (16”) above ground surface)
  5. Earth mound (promotes drainage around well head & away from well)
  6. Filling remainder of well pit with sand
  7. 30 cm sleeve (to contain extended seal to surface)
  8. Extended bentonite (annular) seal
  9. Sealing pitless adapters, water line passages, annular spaces & bottom of well pit with sealant (i.e., bentonite clay)
  10. Electrical wire
  11. Water lines
  12. Commercial well coupling device (CSA/ANSI approved)
    A. Steel casing – extension cut to size and inserted
    B. Steel coupling – housing
    C. Food grade rubber seals
    D. Brass pitless adapter
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